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At a Glance

Ella’s Hidden Wonders – Nine Arch Bridge

Perched at 3100m above sea level within the rugged peaks of the Central Highlands, the Nine Arches Bridge showcases incredible architectural resilience. Crafted entirely from brick, rock, and cement, without a single piece of steel, this bridge has stood steadfast since its construction in 1921. A 30-meter-high marvel, the Demodara Nine Arch Bridge is a highlight in Ella. A 30-minute jungle walk leads to this hidden gem nestled amidst lush tea fields. Walking on the bridge is allowed, adding to the charm of this place. Rated as one of the world’s best train tours, the train journey through Sri Lanka’s highlands is a splendid experience, and the magnificent Nine Arch Bridge enhances its allure. Witnessing the train passing over the bridge offers a breathtaking view that captures the essence of this engineering marvel.

Captivating Little Adams Peak

Nestled in the stunning region of Ella, Sri Lanka, renowned for its striking mountain ranges, tea plantations, waterfalls, and trails, Little Adams Peak offers a mesmerizing hiking experience. Easily accessible and featuring a sensational view, it’s a must-visit in Ella. The ascent is gentle and starts with a stroll through sloping tea fields, followed by a short climb up winding steps to the peak. From there, the panoramic vista encompasses Ella Rock, tea plantations, and the Ella gap leading to southern valleys. On clear days, the view stretches to the south coast and the glimmering ocean. The trail takes 20-40 minutes one way and traverses through picturesque tea plantations.

Majestic Ravana Falls

Ella boasts another enchanting site, the Ravana Falls, one of the country’s widest waterfalls. About 25 meters in height, these falls cascade from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop. They exhibit a remarkable transformation during the wet season, resembling an areca flower with petals. The falls are part of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary and are situated 6 km away from Ella Railway Station. Legends link these falls to the mythical king Ravana from the Ramayana epic, suggesting that he hid Princess Sita in the caves behind the waterfall. This once-thickly forested area harbors tales of adventure and intrigue.

Scenic Short Train Journey

The train journey from Bandarawela to Ella stands as one of the world’s most awe-inspiring train rides. The vistas on either side are truly breathtaking as the train winds through mountains, overlooking villages, farms, and vast tea plantations. This journey promises opportunities for capturing remarkable photographs, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Tea Estate Exploration – Ella

Sri Lanka’s finest tea, Pure Ceylon Tea, awaits exploration in Ella. Within the tranquility of a tea estate, visitors can breathe in fresh mountain air while taking in spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes. Witness the art of tea plucking, a delicate process that contributes to the creation of top-quality tea. Adventurous souls can even join the tea pickers for a hands-on experience. The heart of the tea-making process resides in the tea factory, where the magic unfolds to produce the perfect cup of tea.

  • Begin the journey early in the morning.
  • Enjoy snacks during the ride and head to Ella.
  • Trek to Little Adams Peak for a scenic experience.
  • Explore the remarkable Nine Arch Railway Bridge.
  • Depending on train availability and timings, enjoy a Short Train Ride from Ella to Bandarawela.
  • Witness the captivating Tea Plantations in Ella.
  • Marvel at the majestic Ravana Falls Waterfall.
  • Head back to the hotel for a comfortable overnight stay.

Little Adams Peak Nine-Arch-Bridge Short Train Journey Tea Plantations Ravana Falls

Package includes:
  • English-speaking guide (or guide in specific language upon client request)
  • Comfortable air-conditioned transportation
  • 2 × 500ml water bottles per person
  • Authentic Sri Lankan fruit tasting experience
Not included:
  • Entrance tickets
  • Lunch or any meals

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