Named after the city of Aberdeen, the third-largest city of Scotland and capital of Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen Falls is situated less than 20 kilometres away from the central adventure town of Kitulgala. The waterfall reaches a height of nearly 100 metres and springs out of the Kehelgamu Oya, a major tributary of the Kelani River. The Falls is known to be the 18th-highest waterfall in the country. According to local folklore, a tunnel is said to run between the Aberdeen Falls and the nearby Laxapana Waterfall.

Visitors cannot drive right up to the falls. In order to reach it, they must trek across approximately 1.2 kilometres along the road, and then climb over a steep set of steps in order to reach the waterfall. Hiking shoes are recommended, as climbing over the rocks near the falls can get slippery. The surging water of the stunning Aberdeen Falls cascades into a deep rock pool at its bottom, but visitors are cautioned that similar to a lot of natural attractions in Sri Lanka, the area is not monitored and visitors should practise safety and caution when visiting the area. Monsoon seasons can cause the water levels to rise rapidly and without warning, and swimming during rainfall is dangerous.

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