Welcome to Adam’s Peak: A Sacred Mountain Adventure in Sri Lanka!

Standing tall at 2,243 meters, Adam’s Peak is a revered conical mountain nestled in central Sri Lanka. A highlight of this peak is the remarkable Sri Pada, a 1.8-meter rock formation near its summit, which shares its name with the mountain itself.

More than just a sacred site, Adam’s Peak captivates tourists with its enchanting beauty and unparalleled trekking opportunities. As the seventh tallest peak in Sri Lanka, it’s also affectionately known as Sri Pada (meaning sacred footstep) and Samanala Kanda (translated as butterfly mountain).

The prime months for climbing are from January to May when the weather is favorable, excluding the days around the full moon and the Sinhalese New Year (13/14 April) to avoid crowds. Reaching the summit at dawn is a must to witness the breathtaking sunrise that leaves hikers in awe.

Prepare for a challenging climb regardless of your fitness level – a demanding 7-kilometer ascent along a mainly stepped footpath (around 5500 steps), which can even challenge experienced hikers.

Embark on this 5.5-mile out-and-back trail near Maskeliya, Nuwara Eliya. While it’s considered challenging, the journey takes around 4 hours and 56 minutes on average. This hiking hotspot is frequently visited, ensuring you’ll encounter fellow explorers along the way.

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