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Alien Rock – Danigala

Alien Rock – Danigala  circular rock is likewise known as Kandegama rock and Alien mountain. It lies near Aralaganwila inside the Polonnaruwa district of Sri Lanka. the height of the Danigala mountain is 280 m (919 feet).

The maximum breathtaking vicinity that is hidden from humans. The beauty of the valley is placing better by using the fog with a beautiful 360-diploma view set. As seen from above, it resembles an airport used to land alien spacecraft. From the top of the Danigala mountain rangeyou could see Pamburugala Kanda, Amunugala Kanda, Hikkagala Kanda, and Henanigala mountain stagesclimbing Danigala Rock is a most challenging mountain climbing experience.

Danigala rock is an archeology reserve located at the border of Maduru Oya. Danigala and Kamburagala rocks are assisting to the Maduru Oya dam. even as Danigala / Kandegama rock lies inside the Polonnaruwa district, Kamburagala rock lies within the Ampara district. Maduru Oya is the boundary of the Polonnaruwa and Ampara districts.

Alien Rock – Danigala is famous as alien rock due to its burned soil on top of mountain and people around the area has seen some lights in sky. ( they believe its alien ships or something )

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