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Aluvihara Matale

Alu Viharaya Matale or Aloka Vihara is located in 30 km south of Kandy on the Matale-Dambulla street, surrounded by using hills. The records of Alu Viharaya can be traced back to 3rd century BC in king Devanampiyatissa’s technology.

The legend has it that the a massive used the three stones surrounding the temple, as the base of his cooking pot, and the ashes from his hearth (Alu) resulted the name Alu viharaya (Ash Monastery).

The temple complicated comprises a network of caves, which presentations statues of the Buddha and tricky murals within them. The temple is a burst of colours, walls are crammed and embellished with unique memories from Buddha’s teachings and mainly the maximum mentioned murals of the hell.

Alu Viharaya plays full-size and crucial function within the Buddhist community. After Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana (passing away), it’s far believed that the teaching became passed on by means of the Buddhist clergymen verbally from era to the subsequent. but in 1st century BC complete of Sri Lanka believed to have suffered from the most important recorded famine which lasted 12 years. all through the famine South Indian invasion had also manifest, and because of the non secular differences, big numbers of priests have been killed and who left was in threat of loss of life due to the malnourishments.

After surviving this extremely intense state of affairs king walagamba and the bikkus amassed and determined to put in writing the Thripitaka (the 3 important Scriptures of Buddhist teachings) to hold Dhamma for the future generations.

it’s miles written in Thripitaka that 500 Maha Theras have been accrued in Alu Viharaya and have been spent years documenting the doctrines of the Buddha in Pali on ola-leaf (palm-leaf).

modern-day, at Alu Viharaya Matale you may be able to discover the global Buddhist Library and Museum homes a few random items consisting of a huge antique ola-leaf reproduction of the Tripitaka in many volumes.

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