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Angurukaramulla Temple

Angurukaramulla Temple is one of the amazing things to item while you are stay in Negombo or Closer to Colombo Airport in Sri Lanka. Within the heart of the city of Negombo, in Sri Lanka’s Western Province, the Angurukaramulla Temple is thought for the dragon-head that guards its entrance and its six-meter-tall statue of Lord Buddha. To enter, traffic walk via the maw of the dragon, who is stated to ward evil spirits far from the temple and its devotees. The dragon lies inside the shadow of Lord Buddha’s big statue, watching a serene pool of water in the front of it. traffic to the temple have to take care to get dressed respectfully, masking their arms and shoulders.

In the temple are superb work of art, sculptures and art work at the ceiling, depicting the Buddha’s adventure to enlightenment and memories of Sri Lanka’s former rulers from the Mahavamsa. Right subsequent to the temple is the stupa, whose staircases are guarded by using bronze lions.

The inner of the stupa is pretty epic, because there’s a stupa inside the stupa (stupaception), and super carvings within the walls and windows. There are also greater work of art right here and sculptures behind mesh, and it’s generally dimly lit like it’s no longer oft-visited, so better go to in broad daylight hours.

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