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Buddhist Monastery in Ella

Discover the Serenity: Mahamevnawa Monastery in Ella

Step into the tranquility of Mahamevnawa Monastery, a stunning Buddhist temple nestled in the heart of Ella, Sri Lanka. this sacred place is a must-visit in Ella.

Situated on Mahamevnawa Road, the monastery sits on a mountain with a stunning view. Home to over 30 Theravada Buddhist monks, it’s adorned with lovely carvings, paintings, and murals.

What’s special? Engage in personalized meditation with the monks and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with Buddhist hymns. The monastery is open daily from 8 am to 9 pm.

For an easy visit, consider a tuk-tuk from Ella. The round trip, costing around 2000 LKR per tuk-tuk (up to three people), makes the journey convenient.

Ready to experience tranquility? Contact us for meditation and inquiries at +94 76 825 5729.


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