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Dambana Vedda Village

Dambana Vedda Village is the place where you can meet Aborigine’s of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s Aborigines’, or the Veddha’s which means “human beings of the wooded area” of Sri Lanka has a records plenty older than prince Vijaya’s landing in 5th century BC and the origins of the Sinhala race. Archaeological proof propose that modern-day Veddha’s Neolithic ancestors inhabited this island as far again as 10,000 BC with. once roaming the great Plains’ of the north imperative area to the critical mountains, nowadays the remaining Veddha population are confined to Dambana which is near Maduru oya sanctuary.

they are basically hunter gatherer wooded area dwellers without a lot exchange of their lifestyles style from Stone Age to fashionable times. The language utilized by them is an historical dialect of Sinhala, staple food regimen being venison, Veddha’s are allowed to seek legally to preserve themselves within sure regionsalso are professional fisherman. Veddha’s additionally collect bee’s honey and alternate it with the locals for axe blades and material.

Dambana Vedda Village visit will give you a remarkable experience.