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Hurulu Eco Park

Hurulu Eco Park is an ideal place for those who want a nice safari enjoy.

decided on as a biosphere reserve, Hurulu forest reserve is an essential habitat of the Sri Lankan flora and fauna. The park hosts a remarkably large quantity of wildlife, consisting of a few that are uncommon, which includes the Indian superstar Tortoise, Sri Lankan Jungle hen and the Rusty-noticed Cat. The habitat consists of lush inexperienced marshes, and grasslands and a bumpy journey through forest and clearings gets you a threat to identify majestic Sri Lankan elephants of their herbal setting which is considered one of the maximum amazing revel in a tourist to Sri lanka can get.

At such near distances, the elephants are certainly regal animals. family organizations stick close collectively, the infants constantly included by way of their elders and averted from wandering off. It’s a pleasure to watch those households and might be the most dazzling factor you will revel in in Hurulu Eco Park.

Listing Amenities

  • Entrance Ticket Required
  • Safari Jeep Required