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The tallest skyscraper of Sri Lanka- Colombo Lotus tower is likewise referred to as “Nelum Kuluna” in Sinhala. Colombo lotus tower is one of the maximum famous vacationer sites within the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka. status at a top of 356 meters this tower is the tallest tower in South Asia, eleventh tallest tower in Asia and 19th tallest tower within the world. It has grow to be one of the major traveller attractions in Sri Lanka and famous amongst travelers.

if you plan on visiting the u . s . a . then this tower is a ought to-visit. It basically serves as a transmission tower for television and radio. except being a transmission and communicating tower it additionally serves diverse entertainment activities. There are banquet halls, shopping malls, hotels with suites, restaurants, museums, auditoriums and lots more for the traveler to explore in the tower. there’s a revolving eating place at the pinnacle which affords a scenic view of the metropolis. It completes one rotation each ninety mins. This tower is considered one of the most important highlights of Colombo and because of its substantial length, it could be seen from as far as 10kms from the primary web page. approximately 50 tv and radio broadcasters can be accommodated within the tower, in conjunction with 20 telecommunication vendors.

Interesting Details about Lotus Tower

1. The height of this tower is 356 meters and it is the tallest tower in South Asia, 11th tallest tower in Asia and 19th tallest tower in the world.

2. It is the tallest skyscraper in Sri Lanka and thus it can be seen from a distance as far as 10kms from the main site.

3. The construction of the tower was started in 2012 and it took seven years for the construction to complete, after which it was made open by the President of Sri Lanka to the public in September 2019.

4. The design of this tower is inspired by the lotus flower(which means purity in Sri Lanka) and consists of 13 floors and 8 elevators and 4 entrances.

5. It functions as a transmission tower for TV and radio. Other than this, it serves various leisure facilities such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, recreational centres and much more.

6. At the top, there is a revolving restaurant that completes a single revolution in 90 minutes where you can enjoy the scenic view of the city. Other facilities such as suites will be provided for the guests to stay.

7. The petals of the flowers are made of glass while the framework is of steel, which illuminates with colour-changing LED lights. The tower is also illuminated with floodlights with beautifully decorated interiors.

Listing Amenities

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