Discover Meeyan Ella Waterfall: A Hidden Gem in Kegalle District!

Nestled near Ihala Kotte Railway Station, Meeyan Ella Waterfall is a true marvel. The stream that feeds this waterfall originates from Helen-Maditta on Mount Elagalla, flowing gracefully through the villages of Walagoda and Thalagolla before joining the Thalagolla Oya. With a height of 127 meters, it’s a sight to behold.

Accessible via the Kanda Kandyan railway line between Rambukkana and Kadugannawa stations, this seasonal wonder is an essential stop for Alagalla hikers. For those arriving by bus, follow the route Polgahawela –> Rambukkana –> Mawanella to reach the 7th pillar. A short 3km journey from there leads you to Ihala Kotte station.

The path, though long, winds through a scenic environment, and after about 1km along the railway line from the station, you’ll reach the majestic Meeyan Ella Waterfall. Marvel at the waterfall and its charming cave, accessible through a hidden entrance.

Remember, it’s essential to obtain permission from the train station before visiting this breathtaking spot. Let’s cherish its beauty while ensuring the environment remains unspoiled. Explore with care, as this captivating location, although stunning, can also be risky. Enjoy a serene getaway in nature’s embrace.

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