Moon Stones Mine

Moon Stones Mine is Located in Meetiyagoda. It is a small village situated just a couple of kilometers from the coast, midway between Ambalangoda and Hikkaduwa, sitting over the earth’s largest pegmatite vein of moonstone.

It‘s Sri Lanka‘s largest moonstone mine and Sri Lankan moonstones are renowned for their blue shine that makes a difference to Indian moonstones. Sri Lankan moonstones are of highest value due to their dark blue reflection.

Moonstones that have an almost transparent colorless body with a strong blue shine are considered as one of the finest and rarest moonstones. Moonstone deposits occur in the crystalline granite- known as pegmatite in magmatic rock deep below the surface, 10-40m. Moonstones are extracted by shaft mining. Sri Lankan moonstones are those of highest value due to their dark blue reflections, although Mogok in Myanmar (Birma) has been the world‘s best primary source of highly esteemed blue-shining moonstones.

Finds of valuable moonstones have become rarer in recent decades. In contrast to gem mining in Ratnapura District, moonstone mining has not been a millennia old tradition.

Visiting Moon Stones Mine will be add value to your journey as well as for your memories.