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  • Mulkirigala

Mulkirigala Rock Temple

Mulkirigala Rock Temple or the Raja Maha Viharaya can be reached coming along Beliatta -Weeraketiya predominant street and turning off at Mulkirigala Junction. The temple is located 2 kM from the Mulkirigala Junction. you will attain Beliatta town from either Dikwella or Tangalla.

the primary front to the temple premises is at the surrounding ground stage. Passing a Pilgrim’s relaxation and the Sanghavasa where the priests reside, the route leads towards the lower Terrace and the ticket office. here you may see the cave of Lord Chulla Tissa, bearing early Brahmi scripts belonging to 2nd Century BC. Turning to left near the cave takes one to the lower Terrace vicinity.

The Rock of Mulkirigala rises about 676 toes from the encircling land mass. There are seven cave temples located in 5 Terraced areas of various altitudes. they’re the decrease Terrace (Patha Maluwa), Bo Tree Terrace ( Bodhi Maluwa). top notch King’s Temple Terrace ( Raja Maha Vihara Maluwa), top Bo Tree Terrace (Uda Bodhi Maluwa) and Chetiya Terrace (Chaitya Maluwa). these terraces can be accessed with no trouble via well paved granite paths and steps going right upto the Dagoba Terrace at Mulkirigala Rock Temple.

Listing Amenities

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