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Stilt Fishing

Stilt fishing , a completely unique Sri Lankan subculture, calls for a fantastic deal of persistence. From a excessive position, the fisherman casts his line, and waits till a fish comes along to be caught. This method of fishing typically objectives small fish. It entails expecting numerous hours in complete silence to catch the fish. most people of fishermen who exercise this technique of fishing are people who do not personal modern fishing device. in this simple approach all what they want is the stilt which is made by means of tying a small move bar directly to a pole, and the fishing rod. Fishermen themselves create those system, using the talents surpassed from one generation to another.

Ritipanna is the Sinhalese time period for stilt fishing and it’s miles practiced by fishermen along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. This artwork is popularly seen in regions which includes Ahangama, Koggala, Welipenna, Kathaluwa and Thalarambe.

dawn and dusk are the best times one should seize a glimpse of these stilt fishermen in the Southern coastal belt. Fishermen entire their morning consultation through approximately by morning  nine.

thereafter they sell their day’s seize to the customers who come to the region. some of the foreigners who witness this approach even climb the Stilt fishing to revel in this first rate interest .