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Village experience at Hiriwadunna

A excursion to have village experience at Hiriwadunna – a lovely village shaded on both side by way of a dry zone shrub woodland, with unpaved gravel paths and humble village folk – will provide you with a hazard to witness the surroundings of a regular Sri Lankan village existence. A journey on a bullock cart along a dirt song and via rice paddies right down to the picturesque Hiriwaduna Lake will leave you with a sense of peacefulness. A catamaran experience at the lake with its big form of dry region chicken life and views of the encompassing woodland, marshland and vegetable plots of local farmers, may be an unforgettable revel in for traffic and will most virtually be one of the places they feel most at peace, during the time spent in Sri Lanka.

aside from a catamaran experience you can take rides on a tractor or hop on one of the an awful lot-cherished tuk tuks to a nearby domestic in which you may engage with the own family, witnessing or even helping the women in the instruction of a typical Sri Lankan lunch the usage of traditional Sri Lankan techniques of cooking.

the journey maintains with viewing vegetable plots of neighborhood farmers who produce all their own meals.

A go to to village experience at Hiriwadunna will no question be an thrilling experience…


Listing Amenities

  • Boat Required
  • Entrance Ticket Required