Sri Lanka is well known for its biodiversity. Wouldn’t it be awesome to glimpse Sri Lanka’s biodiversity in almost complete isolation? If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, the Wilpattu National Park is a must-visit national park in Sri Lanka because of its low visitor numbers and boundless wilderness. The outstanding aspects of this park are the presence of “Willus,” and a high population of Sri Lankan leopards (Panthera Pardus Kotiya). ‘Willus’ are naturally formed water basins or depressions with sandy rims that collect rainwater.

Wilpattu National Park stands as Sri Lanka’s largest and most ancient protected area, sprawling across 131,000 hectares on the island’s northwest coast. Initially declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1905, it was later elevated to national park status on December 25, 1938.

What to Expect?

You will get to witness a diverse range of wildlife, and Sri Lanka’s unique flora and fauna in a well-preserved natural setting. The park has dry zone forests, thorny scrub, open plains, sand dunes, and the distinctive Willu wetlands. It is situated near the ancient city of Anuradhapura and contains several ancient ruins and artefacts.

Spot the magnificent Sri Lankan leopard by traversing the untrodden paths of the Wilpattu National Park. These leopards are the island’s largest cat and primary predator, prowling and relaxing near the ‘willu’ and tank habitats without any fear. Recent camera trap surveys have revealed that there are approximately 18 leopards per 100 square kilometers in Wilpattu, further highlighting the thriving population of these elusive big cats in the region.

In addition to the leopards, you will be able to easily spot elephants, sloth bears, Lesser

Adjutants, Mugger Crocodiles and over 150 bird species

Be a Mindful Traveller by Following the Below Guidelines

  1. Don’t feed the wild animals.
  2. Don’t take anything from the park, like animals, plants, or rocks.
  3. Stay quiet when you see wildlife.
  4. Don’t use flash when taking wildlife photos.
  5. Keep your phone on silent.
  6. Don’t make loud noises like clapping or whistling.
  7. Stay in your vehicle, and don’t climb out or on the roof.
  8. Only get out at designated spots like Kumbuk Villa and Kudiramale.
  9. Take your garbage with you; don’t litter.
  10. No smoking or drinking alcohol in the park.
  11. Only authorized four-wheeled vehicles can enter the park.
  12. The driver should drive slowly (max 25km/h), and it helps to see animals.
  13. Your driver shouldn’t block other vehicles or disturb animals.


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Listing Amenities

  • Entrance Ticket Required
  • Safari Jeep Required
  • Should start early in the morning