Mirissa Day Tour

Mirissa Day Tour. Visit Coconut Tree hills, Sea Turtles, and Handungoda Tea Factory for a memorable experience

At a Glance

Coconut Tree Hill: Where Instagram Dreams Come True

Coconut Tree Hill, a sensation on every traveler’s social media feed, is an essential stop on your Mirissa visit. This private coconut estate boasts a breathtaking cliff-top vantage point with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and the untouched golden beach. Accessible day or night, this spot offers a short, exhilarating trek through the coconut grove, leading to a stunning vista of Mirissa’s coastline. The dome-shaped hill adorned with towering coconut trees against a vivid blue sky is a photographer’s paradise. Capture the bold island sunset and make unforgettable memories.

Parrot Rock: An Adventurer’s Haven by the Sea

For the adventurous souls, Parrot Rock awaits off Mirissa Beach. Overlooking the serene waters and sandy shoreline, this small island offers a unique viewpoint of Mirissa’s beauty. Navigate the waves to reach the island, then ascend to the summit for stunning views of the sea and the endless golden beach. Sunset is the optimal time, as the sky transforms into hues of blue and pink while the sun sets on the horizon. A quick 10-minute journey from the main town, Parrot Rock promises a memorable stopover.

Handunugoda Tea Estate: A Colonial Legacy of Refreshment

Immerse yourself in Sri Lanka’s colonial heritage at Handunugoda Tea Estate. This family-owned 200-acre estate houses tea, rubber, cinnamon, pepper, and coconut plantations. Discover the famed Virgin White Tea, steeped in legend and history. Tour the fields and factory, sample freshly brewed low country teas, and take home a piece of this cultural legacy.

Stilt Fishing: A Fascinating Glimpse into Tradition

Witness the captivating tradition of stilt fishing, a unique fishing technique with a rich history. Dating back to post-World War II, stilt fishing flourished along the coast until a temporary hiatus after the 2004 tsunami. Experience the skilled fishermen perched on slender poles, casting their lines during dawn, noon, and dusk. This ancient practice, found in towns like Koggala, Kaththaluwa, and Ahangama, requires skill and balance. Discover the meticulous process, from vertical poles embedded in the sea floor to the careful catch of spotted herrings and small mackerels. Capture the awe-inspiring sight of fishermen silhouetted against the horizon, a memory to cherish.

Sea Turtle Conservation

Discover the significance of sea turtles in marine ecosystems. Learn about the five species nesting along Sri Lanka’s coasts and their conservation efforts. Marvel at the nesting and hatching sites of these majestic creatures.

Galle Dutch Fort

Immerse yourself in the stories of the Galle Dutch Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Originally built by the Portuguese and later fortified by the Dutch, explore its historic ramparts, lighthouse, clocktower, and charming structures. Embark on a Galle Fort Walking Tour to uncover hidden secrets and legends of this iconic site.

  • Start the journey early morning.
  • Enjoy snacks en route and head to Mirissa.
  • Explore and trek in the iconic Mirissa Coconut Tree Hills.
  • Visit Mirissa Beach and witness Parrot Rock.
  • Experience the Handungoda Virgin White Tea Factory.
  • Observe the unique practice of Stilt Fishermen.
  • Explore a Sea Turtle Hatchery.
  • Discover the historic Galle Dutch Fort and its surroundings, including the Galle Lighthouse.
  • Return to the hotel for overnight stay.

Coconut Tree Hills Stilt Fishermen Handungoda Tea Factory Sea Turtles Galle Fort


Package includes:
  • English-speaking guide (or guide in specific language upon client request)
  • Comfortable air-conditioned transportation
  • 2 × 500ml water bottles per person
  • Authentic Sri Lankan fruit tasting experience
Not included:
  • Entrance tickets
  • Lunch or any meals

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