Terms & Conditions

By making a purchase through the Airlines Crew Tours website or via phone with our customer service or via our partner travel agents, you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions. The person making the booking is considered to have accepted these conditions on behalf of all guests mentioned in the booking. No changes to these Terms & Conditions are valid unless made in writing and authorized by the company.

Airlines Crew Tours Payment Options

  • Online payments accepted with any credit or debit card through our partners
  • Bank-to-bank transfers
  • Valid Identification required

Please ensure that all members of your party carry valid identification on the day of the visit, especially those eligible for age or student discounts. Students must present a valid photo ID for verification on every tour. Additionally, the payment cardholder should be part of the traveling group and able to produce a valid ID for verification purposes.


General Conditions

  • Our programs are based on hotel room availability at the time of providing the quote, and room availability is subject to change at the time of booking.
  • Due to high demand, hotels only accept confirmed bookings.
  • Once our proposal is accepted, we will send the final confirmation along with details of overnight stays and the itinerary. We will strive to book the specified hotels or similar ones in the same category.
  • If there are changes in hotel choices leading to price fluctuations, we will provide a revised quotation.
  • Additional services, such as optional excursions, will incur extra charges.
  • All tour programs are subject to the inclusions and exclusions specified in the tour plan
  • Visits to Wildlife Parks and participation in adventure sports or related activities are at the client’s own risk.
  • Safari jeeps have basic insurance coverage, not comprehensive like those used for regular tours.
  • Hotel check-in times are generally between 12:00 pm and 02:00 pm, while check-out times are at 11:00 am. Late check-outs and early check-ins are not included in all tours but can be arranged for an extra cost by informing the company in advance.
  • For group tours, there will be one main arrival and departure transfer. The tour documents will specify the time and dates for these main transportation services. If clients have different flight details, they may pay extra for separate transfers or arrange transfers themselves.
  • Customers are advised to check accommodations and room types well in advance before confirming the tour. If customers are dissatisfied with the hotels or rooms provided by the company during the tour and decide to upgrade or change, the cost is borne by the customer. No refunds or cost coverage by the company will be provided for such situations for all confirmed and paid tours.



Travel Insurance

Airlines Crew Tours encourages all clients to obtain travel insurance before participating in any of our tours. This proactive step is crucial for safeguarding against various unforeseen events that may occur during the tour, including adventure sports, health issues, robberies, safaris, wildlife parks, trekking, hiking, whale watching, ocean activities, water sports, and all facets related to tourism. We emphasize that the company is not responsible for any incidents arising during the tour for individuals without adequate travel insurance coverage. Examples include expenses related to adventure activities, medical emergencies, loss of belongings, and other travel-related mishaps. It is the responsibility of each guest to ensure they are adequately covered, and the company, along with any local or overseas partners, operators, or travel agents, shall not be held liable for any such unforeseen circumstances. Both parties are held harmless in this regard, and any claims for insurance reimbursements must be directed to the relevant insurance provider.


Force Majeure

In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, such as strikes, train delays, adverse weather conditions, or other unanticipated closures, Airlines Crew Tours may encounter disruptions to scheduled tours and services. In such instances, our company is committed to promptly informing guests and exploring alternatives. These alternatives may include providing a suitable substitution, rescheduling a different service, or offering a refund, all subject to availability and the full discretion of the company. It is important to note that force majeure events may also encompass situations such as natural disasters, government actions, and transportation disruptions. While we strive to mitigate the impact of these occurrences, we cannot guarantee the availability of identical services, and the offered alternatives will be determined based on the specific circumstances and our best efforts to ensure a satisfactory resolution for our valued guests.



The terms and conditions of Airlines Crew Tours are subject to Sri Lankan law, and in the event of a dispute that cannot be amicably resolved, exclusive jurisdiction is conferred upon the courts of Sri Lanka. Guests acknowledge that any controversy arising between the parties regarding the interpretation or application of the terms, provisions, or conditions of this agreement will, upon a written request by either party served on the other, be first submitted to mediation. If the dispute remains unresolved after mediation, it shall then proceed to binding arbitration. The company reserves the right to determine the venue and jurisdiction of any legal proceedings arising from a dispute. This process aims to ensure a fair and efficient resolution to disputes, promoting clarity and transparency in our business relationships.

Tour Cancellation Policy

We understand that plans may change, and unexpected circumstances may arise. To ensure clarity and fairness, we have established the following cancellation policy for our tours. By booking a tour with Airlines Crew Tours, you agree to abide by the terms outlined below:

60 Days – 46 Days Prior to Departure: 100% Refund

If you cancel your tour reservation between 60 and 46 days before the scheduled departure date, you are eligible for a 100% refund. Please note that the refund amount will be subject to deduction of any bank transfer charges incurred by Airlines Crew Tours.

45 Days – 31 Days Prior to Departure: 50% Refund

Cancellations made between 45 and 31 days before the scheduled departure date are eligible for a 50% refund. Similar to the above, the refund amount will be adjusted to account for any bank transfer charges applied to the transaction.

30 Days – 0 Days Prior to Departure: Non-Refundable

Unfortunately, cancellations made within 30 days of the scheduled departure date are non-refundable. This policy is in place due to the advanced preparations and commitments made by Airlines Crew Tours to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants.
Please note the following important points:

  • Refunds will be processed in the same form as the original payment.
  • Any applicable bank transfer charges will be clearly communicated and deducted from the refund amount.
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to notify Airlines Crew Tours in writing of the cancellation.