Wishing you all a happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year 2024 !
May this new year bring you peace, joy, and abundance!

In Sri Lanka, we celebrate the traditional New Year in April every year. This special occasion marks the transition from the old year to the new. On the 14th of April, as the sun moves from the Pisces zodiac sign to Aries, the new year officially begins according to our traditional calendar.

The festivities begin on the 13th of April when everyone stops working and prepares to welcome the new year. Astrology specialists determine the auspicious timings for these celebrations.

As the clock strikes the specific timing, known as Nekatha, on the 14th of April, every household in the entire country gathers together to cook milk rice, symbolizing the beginning of a fresh start.

New Year’s Days are the time for families to reunite and bond. Our tables are filled with delicious traditional food, and laughter fills the air as everyone shares in the joy of the occasion. Traditional games add to the festive atmosphere, and it’s customary to visit relatives with gifts to spread happiness and good wishes.

On the 15th of April, at a specific time, elders of the household or monks at village temples anoint oil on everyone’s heads, imparting blessings for a prosperous year ahead and a life free from troubles. It’s a beautiful tradition that symbolizes the hope for a bright future and long-lasting happiness.