Direct flights from Russia to Sri Lanka

10 October (today ) Direct flight ( Airbus A – 330 – 300)  from Moscow to Colombo Arrived with 252 Passengers onboard along with 12 crew members. Aeroflot is planning to operate 3 flights per week between Russia & Sri Lanka from November onwards. At the moment Aeroflot will operate two flights per week. Minister Harin Fernando said permission has also been granted to regional airline Azur Air to fly four charter flights per week, starting early November. Minister Fernando also appreciated the efforts of the Russian Embassy in Colombo and the Sri Lankan Embassy in Russia which will pave the way for the increase in tourist traffic. Direct flights from Russia to Sri Lanka with cheap prices can be found at Aeroflot Official website. Click here  For arrange tours : Contact ACT Sri Lanka. 
Aeroflot in Sri Lanka
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