How is the political situation and stability in Sri Lanka ?

You might be wondering whether your most desirable travel destination, Sri Lanka, is safe to travel again. The answer is ‘Absolutely Yes!’

The truth is, Sri Lanka has never been unsafe for tourists. Of course, there had been difficult couple of months lately but Sri Lankans always tried their best to make sure that the tourists have a hassle-free vacation in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka had undoubtedly become one of most loved tourist destinations in recent years. Even after covid pandemic, many tourists chose a holiday in Sri Lanka to have an unforgettable tropical island experience. But due to the economic crisis, Sri Lanka has been facing since last few months, tourism industry also have taken a severe blow.

But right now, most of the hassles are being smoothened and Sri Lanka is once again ready to offer the world-class hospitality to tourists which it is well-known for.

How is the political situation and stability in Sri Lanka ?

This unfortunate economic crisis in Sri Lanka is certainly caused by poor decisions made by previous governments who were in power. Peaceful protests were carried out by the general public against the former president and other responsible parties. Finally former president & his government were forced to resign and handover the power.

Even during this turbulent period, there has never been a risk to a tourist and not such a single incident was reported.

With current new president & his government, it has been somehow stabilized the political situation in Sri Lanka and effective steps have been taken to come out of this economic crisis.

Is there any food and essential goods shortage in Sri Lanka ?

There is no food shortage in the country as some international medias are reporting. Though there are some restrictions on some import food items, it affects neither locals nor tourists.

Main food items such as rice, flour, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, milk and other essential goods are conveniently available in every super market and local stores.    

Indeed, the inflation has become its worst in history as it’s caused by both internal economic crisis as well as the current inflation across the globe. Foreign currency exchange rates have risen up due to the drainage of foreign reserves. 

Fortunately for tourists, prices of goods may not affect much to them as they get a higher exchange rate for foreign currencies.  

How is the fuel crisis in the country right now ?

With the new fuel quota system implemented, the fuel crisis has been solved to a greater extent. Now, the fuel is available in every corner of the country. Public transportation across the country has also come to the usual and convenient state.

Fuel is distributed according to a quota system without long queues and a priority is given to service providers in tourism sector.      

How about the electricity shortages ?

Still the power cuts are happening around the country occasionally but not regularly.  In Sri Lanka, more than 50% of power requirement for electricity generation is fulfilled by hydro-power. Therefore, the current sufficient rainfall has been blessing to solve the power crisis.

Further necessary steps have been taken to increase the renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

However, the power shortages have not been affecting the tourism industry that much because most of tourist resorts & hotels are equipped with alternative power generators. (Solar/ diesel)

Based on the area you can find out the power outage time from this Link :Click Here

How does the Tourism impact Sri Lanka ?

Every dollar spent by tourists during their tour in Sri Lanka, will strengthen the economy. Tourism industry is a key foreign revenue earner in Sri Lanka and it plays a vital role in county’s economic revival.

Approximately 1 million people are directly employed, and around 2.5 million are indirectly involved with the industry.

Traveling to Sri Lanka will not deprive resources from locals as indicated in certain international media sources. On the contrary, your trip to Sri Lanka will obviously help for the betterment of its citizens. A steady dollar flow through tourism will assure of maintaining supplies of essential food, fuel, cooking gas, fertilizer for agriculture, medicines for hospitals and other essential items.    

Sri Lanka is known as “The Smiling Island” due to the warm greeting nature and hospitality of its people. Visit Sri Lanka to create a memory of your lifetime while encouraging these resilient people to rebuild their lives.   

Article by : Theekshana Weerasinghe 
( National Tourist Guide Lecturer )

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