Kandy Parade 2023

Kandy Parade 2023. Experience the incredible parade, a captivating traditional and cultural event in Sri Lanka. Join the festivities!


Explore the rich history of the Kandy Parade, an extraordinary cultural procession celebrated worldwide. Rooted in ancient Buddhist and Hindu traditions, this spectacular pageant has deep historical significance. Dating back to the reign of Emperor Asoka in India, the concept of perahara pageants gained prominence. The Kandy Perahara is a living testament to these customs, blending the essence of Sinhala culture with religious practices. The foundation of this grand spectacle lies in the “Dantha Dhathu Charitha” or “Dalada Siritha,” a sacred book detailing customs related to the revered Tooth Relic. This chronicle, authored during Parakramabahu IV’s rule, outlines the 38 statutes guiding the perahara procession. The rituals include meticulous cleaning of the Sacred Tooth Relic Shrine Room, adorning it with vibrant silk fabrics, and making offerings of rice, flowers, and oil lamps by the king, ministers, and citizens. These rituals have been upheld annually, preserving the essence of tradition.

The Esala Perahera, believed to date back to the 3rd century BC, merged with the Dalada Perahera, a procession celebrating the arrival of the Sacred Tooth Relic from India in the 4th century CE. This relic was brought by Princess Hemamala and Prince Dantha, marking a significant chapter in Sri Lanka’s cultural tapestry. The evolution of the Kandy Esala Perahera was further influenced by Upali Thera’s vision. Disturbed by the focus on Brahminical deities, Upali Thera advocated for the supremacy of Buddhist principles in a Buddhist nation. His advocacy reshaped the procession, leading to a declaration by the king that both gods and men shall follow the path of the Buddha. This fusion of history, religion, and culture makes the Kandy Parade a timeless marvel, encapsulating the essence of Sri Lanka’s heritage and spirituality.

Dates of Kandy Parade 2023

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Do I need a ticket to watch the Kandy Parade?

No, you don’t need a ticket to watch the parade. You can enjoy the spectacle as it travels along the road with the public. However, if you wish to have a prime viewing spot, there are designated areas available for a fee. Private organizers manage these spots and offer seats in various locations. This allows you to sit comfortably and fully immerse yourself in the parade experience

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